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Image by Omar Lopez

Esmeralda L.R.

As a first time mom, Hillery was a great resource and support from the moment I started working with her all the way through labor and delivery and postpartum. 

Some examples of how she supported my husband and I during the last weeks of pregnancy were: meeting with us several times to teach us about what to expect at each stage of labor, provide guidance on how to write a birth plan (she printed several laminated copies and they came in handy at the hospital), laminated flashcards showing positions to help manage pain during early stages of labor, and coming to one of my OB checks to meet my doctor. By knowing what was to come, I definitely felt more at ease when I got to the hospital. She provided great support to my husband by preparing a list of vocabulary words and definitions of terms he would hear the doctors and nurses use as well as a checklist for him to follow when I went into labor so that he knew exactly what to do.

I had a long labor and Hillery guided me every step of the way. It was in the little things that she did that really made a difference such as playing soft music and setting up battery powered candles in my room to establish a calming environment. When I had to decide what pain management option I wanted, she helped me understand each option and the pros and cons of each. She helped me stay focused and gave me the encouragement that I needed especially towards the end.

Once I was home from the hospital, she continued to help me by showing me how to apply a postpartum wrap, tips for breastfeeding and overall care for my baby.

​I would highly recommend Hillery as a doula. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. She will answer any question you have and do the research if she doesn't know right off hand. She loves what she does. Overall, she went above and beyond in her role as my doula. I'm thankful that Hillery was with me during this transformational journey to motherhood."

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