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Do you imagine having an amazing pregnancy and birth? Not sure how to make this happen?  I am here to help.

Through fun Birth Boot Camp classes, personalized Birth Wishes plans, and doula support during birth, you can have a birth with grace.

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Because of these classes I was confident walking into the hospital and communicating with the nurses and doctors what my wife’s wishes and wants were and being certain they would accommodate those wishes.

Connor, 1st time Dad

Hillery made it clear that she believed I could (have an unmedicated birth) and reminded me of the beauty of birth.

Lesley, 1st Time Mom

She made our hospital birth as close to a home birth as possible.


When I had to decide what pain management option I wanted, she helped me understand each option and the pros and cons of each. She helped me stay focused and gave me the encouragement that I needed especially towards the end.




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