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For a Peaceful Postpartum

Ingesting your placenta has been shown to help moms adjust quickly and easily to postpartum life with a newborn.  I offer multiple preparation methods depending on your unique placenta and needs.  


All placenta services clients receive a FREE consult, pick-up of the placenta from the place of birth, use of a cooler and freezer packs, professional preparation, home delivery in 48-72 hours, postpartum check-ins to discuss dosage and ongoing health. 


Placenta Encapsulation, in your preferred method (steamed or raw).  Two placental tinctures, both types of placental healing salve, smoothie ice cubes, and a placental print.  All delivered to your home at your convenience.

Also included is a free consult, placenta pick-up and postpartum check-ins with mom.


Bottles of Essential Oil


Encapsulated Placenta Pills in your preferred method. Two Placental Tinctures and a Placenta Print.


Mixing Organic Beauty Products


Encapsulated Placenta Pills in your preferred method. Delivered to your home for your convenience.


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